About 3rd Anyang Career Festival
About 3rd Anyang Career Festival
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  • 승인 2018.09.10 08:02
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제3회 안양시 진로 페스티벌
제3회 안양시 진로 페스티벌

[안양신문=박제윤 기자] I’ll promote a career festival which is opening for 2days.

The career festival is for students to find their job and to experience lots of things.

It’s not just explaining about a job you want, it’s explaining indirectly by sections that are related to jobs.

The place is Anyang-Gymnasium. You can use not only the interior of a building but also an outdoor parking lot.

But you should reserve the sections before you go. When I was reserving, I was suffering from two sections.

One was VR, AR section and the other is VR and drone section.

It was too hard to select. Like me, you are also going to go through hardships, because there are so many fun sections.

Thanks to the career festival, lots of students can find their jobs.

Or they maybe interested in those jobs. So don’t rough out, try hard as you can.

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